Edusource (Pvt) Ltd

EDUSOURCE (Pvt) Ltd is a registered Private Limited Company (2012/064071/07) that endeavors to contribute to the socio-economic development of South Africa and Africa as a whole through Education, Training and Development and Consultancy.

Our expertise and leadership will cause a ripple effect in the lives of our valued customers as we channel positive energy that effect sustainable change and transformation. Subsequently the positive energy enlightens, empowers, educates and eliminates any forms of ignorance that cripple efforts of personal development and positive change.

At Edusource we believe that Education is key but not enough. We believe in the need to train and developing our clients' to be able to survive in the ever changing business environment of today. This continuous formation has been identified as the cornerstone for human capital development.

At Edusource we believe that knowledge is the antidote of ignorance and once one attains knowledge a ripple effect materializes unlocking all potential.
Our vision is to be a leading source of knowledge that unlocks potential for our clients all over the world.

Our mission is to unlock potential in clients through education, training and consultancy. This fosters effective human capital development to our clients, shareholders and stakeholders through state of the art technology ensuing socio-economic development.


Shingie Mutanga

Executive Director
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Onesmo Zanamwe

Business Development Director
Mr Onesmo Zanamwe is an experienced Education, Training and Skills Development Practitioner accredited by Education, Training Development Practioners (ETDP SETA).


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